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cDC. The Redeemed Community Development Corporation
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The Redeemed Community Development Corporation is a Not for Profit ministry extension of The Spirit Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church, birthed on August, 8th, 2001. Although it is a separate entity with its own board of directors and staff it is used as an extension of ministry effort under the vision of the Spirit Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church.

The Redeemed Community Development Corporation or cDC is a legal Not For Profit Organization with 501(c)3 Status. It is the goal of the Redeemed cDC to create and provide education and charitable service to the community in which we are operate and serve diligently.

cDC programs delves richly into the following:

Education. The Redeemed cDC will provide tutoring and homework assistance, as well as reading and math coaching stations set up to aid area school children after school three days a week from 3:30 until 5:30pm.

Nutrition. most children do not have healthy eating habits due either to the economic downturn that the community is experiencing or the neglect of knowledge that has been offered. The Redeemed cDC will link up with organizations such as Catholic Charities, The Food Depository and others that will provide food baskets and meals for after school youth and promote healthy eating habits and choices. We are also connecting within community gardens within our area that the children as well as adults can visit and learn firsthand about the value of organic foods.

Fine Arts. Due to the lack of music and drama classes in our school system and our communities, our children and adults alike have nowhere to express their creativity, thus turning the energy toward negative activities that has crippled our community with drugs, gang violence, and downright disrespect. The Redeemed cDC will offer an alternative to the life of the street by offering drama, dance, vocal, and instrumental music instruction to the youth between the ages of 10-18 at least three times a week. The drama instruction will strengthen verbal skills by teaching individuals how to speak correctly with confidence. It will strengthen the mental muscles by remembering lines. It will also give the individuals the ability to act out their frustrations in a controlled environment through dramatization. The dance instruction will teach the young people proper form and agility as well as discipline through multiple dance routines and exercises.

The instruction of instrumental and vocal music will give individuals the ability to experience various styles of music and music performance through the Radical and Redeemed Orchestra and Drum Line, The Redeemed Choral, as well as individual Piano and Vocal opportunities. The young people will have a chance to showcase their abilities and talents through showcases throughout the year.

The Redeemed Community Development Corporation will offer seminars on Resume’ preparation, Parenting and financial stability for the community. We are bridging the gap between where we as a community are to where we want to be as we connect by helping the community.

We Thank You and we solicit your prayers and continued support in this endeavor.
Joyfully Redeemed,

Pastoral Leadership.

Spirit Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church’s pastoral office:

Rev. Daniel J. Garrett
Executive Office


Ministerial leadership staff and directors:

Levitical Ministry.
Dea. Aaron Griffin, Lead Servant

Education Ministry.
Sis. Robin Jackson, Director

Evangelism Ministry.
Dea. Obeddie Hawkins, Lead Servant

Exaltation Ministry.
Dea. Lonell Booth, Lead Servant

Culinary Ministry.
Sis. Ruth Cook